I help high achievers to uplevel their health and wellbeing.

Hi lovely Soul, I am Dr. Julia Grosse.

Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, Lifebook Leader and Marine Explorer (retired).

In my last career I was privileged enough to travel remote parts of the world, going to places and having experiences that most people will not be fortunate enough to have.

In 2019/2020 I was even among the first women to overwinter onboard an icebreaker in the Arctic Ocean (frozen in the ice). But in the midst of all the excitement I made career my main focus, basically neglecting MYSELF.
Including, but not limited to: the wrong nutrition style, way too little exercise, and limited social connections (moving every couple years comes with pro’s and cons).
Instead I had: more than a few extra kilos, a constant drained of energy, too much time in front of the TV.

At some point awareness set in, that something needed to change and my own transformation started. Lots of trial and error but I changed my nutrition, established and bumped up my exercise routine, finally took care of myself. And when the time came to look for a new job, I looked for a new career.

Fun fact: In my research I literally investigated how the quality of food affects the production of sugars, proteins and fats in algae.

Don't just dream about your dream life!

Go get it!

I made it my mission to support successful woman in taking the step into a healthier, balanced, and more vibrant self.

The main focus is on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, and the implementation of new habits to guarantee long-term success.

Together we'll develop a crystal-clear version to pull you forward with constant motivation. I will make sure all areas of your life are considered and well balanced, because only when you pay attention to all of them, can you have the fulfilled life you envision.

No matter if you want to prioritise your health or do a full dive into all areas of your life at once, together we will get you there.

Little by little, with time, it will become a mountain.

- Malayan proverb

There are many gurus out there who have found the perfect way to do health. It works perfectly for them but for most people their way only works in the short term. And in addition there is all frustration that comes when the desired success never shows up.

I have found my way, now I help you to find yours.

Consistent transformation is reached through:
✓ Self-reflection
✓ Easy to implement steps
✓ Accountability

You will get to know yourself in a completely new way.

You are your guru. 

I have some of the answers.

Together, we take the journey to your best SELF.

I practice the art of asking questions!

Finding the right answers for yourself requires someone asking the right questions. The tough question. The questions no one else dares to ask. 

It requires connecting the dots, showing you your blind spots and you clearing emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. 

Once I realised that restrictions in one area of life can come from a completely different area of life I only practice the holistic approach.

Lifebook is the tool to create your dream life and live. Holistic Health Coaching sets you up for getting your Body, Mind and Soul the energy to enjoy it to the fullest. 

Success encompasses all areas of life! Let your journey to an upleveled life start here.

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© 2023 Julia Grosse

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