The quickest way to discover how you can make HEALTH  YOUR PRIORITY!

You’ve been wanting to start taking care of yourself and your health for a long time, but you just don’t know where and how to start?

In just 90 minutes we evaluate were you are now and how  full your 8 Wellness Cups already are. Then we define clear goals. At the end, we’ll see what minute changes you can immediately integrate into your daily life and start your journey right away.

For women who want to focus more on their health, and just don’t know where and how to start. For those who want to free themselves from of the vicious cycle of feeling like they need to do more and by trying to do so  have less and less energy and productivity. For women who finally want to take ACTION and focus more on themselves again. No one else will. Let this status quo analysis in a 1:1 coaching setting be the beginning of your transformation into your healthiest SELF.

8 wellness cups_full

In this Status Quo Analysis

✓ We will evaluate how well all your 8 Wellness-Cups are
    already filled.

✓ You will start to create a vision of your healthiest SELF.

✓ We will uncover possible deficits that you might want clear
  out first.

✓ We will design a first action plan to get easily and quickly 
   moving towards your vision.

✓ You will learn that tangible change can be fast and easy, and at the same time fun.



Would feel good in your body?

Have more energy, be more productive and to the same amount of work in less time? 

Could change your daily habits so that they become a healthy lifestyle?

Would be more relaxed and stress would be a thing of the past?



You know that your diet is not the healthiest and that you should add more exercise to your routine, but when you come home after work, you just don’t have the energy left.

You have noticed that you started preferring the elevator to the stairs.

You feel guilty because you resort more and more to take out and ready to eat meals, but you just can’t find the time to cook yourself.

You are so often focused on pleasing everyone else that you keep putting off taking care of your own needs.

Slowly you get the feeling that you should start taking care of yourself before it’s too late. Only you don’t know exactly how and where to start?


A stress vortex that is spinning faster and faster.

More and more kilos/pounds on the scale, more and more highly processed food, less and less good sleep and less and less energy. Less and less time for friends and family. 

You have the feeling that the vortex is pulling you down faster and faster, deeper and deeper into the abyss.

You want to do something, get out of the abyss but you just don’t know where to start.


Let’s chat and discover where you are at the moment and where it is you want to go. And then we start to make a plan. Together we will identify the tiniest habit you can integrate into your routines to get you results, fast and easy. We will get you UNSTUCK. TOGETHER.

What is included in your GET UNSTUCK Coaching?

➤ a 90 minutes 1:1 Coaching session via Zoom

➤ Status-Quo Analysis

➤ A visualisation exercise during our session

➤  A mini action plan and a habit tracker

GET UNSTUCK is for you, if...

➤ Your health, your fitness and your well-being are going to be your new priority.

➤ You are ready to make long-term and sustainable changes to improve your life.

➤ You want to get started to also become in new YOU on the inside.

➤ You want to make a plan that makes everything possible.

Get unstuck now!

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And a little bit about myself...

I am so happy that you are here!

I am Julia – Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, to my gut listener and adventurer.


As a trained biologist, I have literally researched how nutrients (fertilizer concentrations) affect the production of sugars, proteins and fats in algae. Back then that is when I should have started thinking seriously about my own daily meal choices and their effects on my health. Nope, didn’t happen. I was so focused on work that it took me years to notice that I had put on 20 extra pounds.


Then my journey began. More exercise, less chocolate and some yoga. With a lot of research, trial and error, and sorting out, I discovered how to eat healthy and create the body that can keep up with all the activities I wanted to do. Some of which I didn’t even know I wanted to do. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you click on the booking button, my calendar with available sessions will open in a new tab. Just pick the time-slot that works best for you and confirm it. After that you will be redirected to finalise your purchase.

You will automatically receive a link for our session with all the details. Based on the questions you answered during your booking process, I already know a little bit about you and we can start our session right away.

You can reschedule your session up to 24 hours prior, no questions asked. Be aware that it is not possible to refund your investment.

Our session takes 90 minutes, and I suggest you plan 15 – 30 minutes for yourself before and after.

Just a  computer with a camera and a microphone. Zoom will work with the internet browser of your choice.

Absolutely. If you consider booking a session, it means that you want to change something. Let’s explore which of your Wellness Cups could use some topping up.

You have questions or want to send a message? I would love to hear from you!

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